About Us

Musical Theatre Group is a twenty five year-old society filled with students, volunteers and paid professionals all with a love for everything musical. Alongside our annual show, the society hosts a variety of events and fundraisers including our Big Society Performance Showcase, bringing together several performance societies to show off the talent that comes with them, that we performed last year!

A message from the chair

Since joining MTG in 2015, I have seen the society increase in numbers, enthusiasm and ambition. We have continued to work under the direction of Sam Pomeroy and the musical direction of Mark Sidey. Never before have MTG attempted full scale shows, however with this being our 25th anniversary its the best opportunity for MTG to showcase exactly what they can do! We have opened our society up to people wanting to gain experiences in directing, musical direction and we have also began the MTG tech crew again to form a dedicated team that will work alongside the society to put on the productions!

This is an exciting time for the society and it’s definitely shaping up to be a great year for MTG so all that remains for me to say is I hope you all continue to support us as we undertake our latest adventure into the land of musical theatre!

Thomas Dunn

Thomas Dunn
Chairman 2017-18